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Hello there,Me and Choko

My name is Cristina and I am 39 years old. I am an animal lover and actually this is the main reason I started this site. I want to share my passion and my knowledge with you…

I know around the world thousands of people feel the same as me, they have beloved pets at home…and are always interested to find out how to offer them the best This is exactly what I want  to talk to you about…how to maintain our furry friends happy and healthy life J

Now I live in Greece and I have a Chocolate Labrador and he has inspired me to write about Labrador Retrievers. I love all animals and of course, all dogs are nice but I choose to write about this friendly and sweet breed because I have made a lot of research and I think I can help other Labrador parents to know what these dogs need and how they can understand those furry babies.

So I am happy to hear all your questions.. .help with all your problems regarding your Lab buddies J

I am also here to listen to any new ideas and new information about dogs generally and especially Labradors.

What else I can say about me….I am from Romania but I love living in Greece. I love the sun… the combination of sea and mountains in the same view…So if you ever visit Greece let me know.

I look forward to speaking to youJ

Kind regards and thanks for being here J



  1. ches

    It’s a coincidence but yesterday while having lunch, we saw a lovely, what I though was, golden retriever sitting quietly next to a disabled lady in a wheelchair. It was obviously a working dog as he was allowed into the restaurant area. Hubbie asked what dog it was and I said I think its a golden retriever. He then said he thought the dog was a labrador retriever and that got me thinking. What’s the difference between a golden retriever, a labrador retriever, or just a labrador. I told hubbie that I thought it could be something to do with their coat. Labradors are often short haired whereas golden retrievers have longer hair. Anyway, perhaps you could enlighten us? Ches

    1. admin (Post author)

      of course. Goldies are always one color golden:) a very light beige color and the Labradors( or Labrador Retrievers….same thing) are tree colors beige, black and brown( never mix their color)..This about their coat. And also Labrador’s fur is short and golden have long hair and need a lot of grooming:)).

      Both of them are friendly, family dogs , love children, water, playing,and are hunting dogs but Labradors are much more active and curios when retrievers are calm 🙂 .Much more to say but for this i will write a post 🙂 Thanks for readinf :))

  2. Neil

    It’s great to meet you, Cristina!

    I’ve always been a fan of dogs but I was never allowed one during my teenage years. 🙁 lol.

    Labradors are my most favourite breed of dog. My friend has one and he never stops jumping up at me whenever I visit her. But mind you, he’s still a puppy, which explains why he has so much energy.

    Thanks for creating this site for dog lovers and I’ll definitely share this with my friend who I know will appreciate your help. 🙂


    1. admin (Post author)

      you are welcome Neil 🙂 Labradors are full of energy at any age:))) Mine is 4 and is still full power:))) Thanks for reading:)))) I will be here for anything your friend wants to learn


  3. Rosa

    Hi Cristina,

    Nice to meet you. I too love dogs. Of course, I love all animals. I look forward to reading more about how you help others maintain to help our pet dogs healthy.

    I have two nieces that each one has a Labrador but I’m not sure what type Labradors they are. Both Labradors are good dogs.

    Thank you for sharing this. Again I look forward to reading more about what you have to offer.

    1. admin (Post author)

      i am very happy if i can help 🙂 i am glad that you enjoy it .:) ok so if you continue to look at my site…give to your niece advice from what you will learn here about these sweet pets:) thanks again for reading :)))


  4. Daniel

    This is a great and informed site! Absolutely love it, along with all the cute and wonderful pics. Especially the puppy pics! Reminds me of when my dog was just a cute little puppy. Shes still cute, just bigger, lol.
    Any who, great site. I know I’ll be back!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks for reading my post and I try my best to keep it informative , to give to my readers the answers to all their questions:)
      I know the puppies are adorable:) but also the older once:)
      Again thanks for reading:)


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