Automatic Pet Feeder With Timer

Do you worry maybe your furry baby is missing lunchtime ? Here is the solution: Automatic pet feeder with timer, voice recorder, portion control. It can be programmed to give four meals per day to your pet.

How does it work?

This pet feeder is suitable for medium and large animals.

automatic pet feederYou can set as you want the volume for each meal and the feeding time you decide. In this way you can keep a right and healthy feeding program for your Labrador. You can customize from 1 to 39 portions per meal, choosing different food. One portion is about 10 to 12 g and you can make the right weight for your Labrador needs.

You are not home and your furry baby is missing you? You can add a little snack for him to make him happy.

A voice recorder and speaker build in can record your own voice for 10 seconds to call your labby to eat. In this way he will not feel lonely, will have your company. Your voice will make him feel comfortable, worm, like you are there, with him. It s a low sound for our human hearing but is large enough for our pets.

This pet feeder is suitable for most dry dog ( and cats) food has the right angle not to overflow and prevent it from clogging.this is provided by the IR Detector.

How you clean it?

The automatic pet feeder is easy to clean. It can be easy dissembled into four parts, you clean them and put them back. It is suggested being clean once per moth to be healthy and hygienic for your Labrador.

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Use hot water and the dishes soap you normally use.

My experience

I have to tell that my chocolate labby is very satisfied, he is happy with his little treat when I am missing. When I work many hours in the summer I am not worried that I am not home when he needs his lunch. Especially when he hears my voice he feels that I am taking care of him, he doesn’t feel abandoned, lonely. he know I have a little something for him there:)

It is worth giving them a little bit of happy moments, the comfort of your voice, the happiness in their eyes when they find the treat and a very healthy nutrition program.

If you decide to try it , tell me what was your Labby’s opinion .

Thanks for reading

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