Feeding Labradors

The feeding of Labradors does not need to be a headache. I will be the first to admit though that my Chocolate Labrador has driven me crazy in the past, and when he wants – he wants 🙂

The problem is here, it can be easy to give into them. They can put on their sad face and blink those beautiful big eyes and your heart dog food - feeding labradorsautomatically goes out to them.

It feels good to give them want they want and see them happy, but are we doing the right thing giving them what they want – when they want?

We do of course have to consider the health of our Labradors. This includes many areas such as fitness, healthcare and of course the feeding.

What I want to do as part of this website is talk to you about feeding, times, brands and basically offering your Labrador the best service when it comes to keeping his or her stomach happy.

When you take a puppy you are all wondering what to give it to eat, if he can have our food: chicken, rice, eggs.One of the most frequent questions is if you give them raw or kibble food.For you who don’t know kibble is the dry food or dog biscuits, more popular:)) All this information you can find here,  each one in a different article.

So come and take a look at lots more information.