Human Foods That Are Good For Dogs

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We all want to give the best things to our furry baby, that’s why today I will tell you which human foods that are good for dogs you can add in their menu.


How can we resist when we see those eyes begging us for food when we are eating? We end up giving them everything we have:).But this is not always the best thing. So…I will give you here a list of foods that you can give to your furry friend, he will enjoy the meal with you and you will provide him a healthy diet:)


First of all, I think their favorite is the CHICKEN. We can give them cooked chicken, of course without salt and condiments. Small pieces in his bowl mixed with his regular food will add proteins and is healthy. Of course, if you don’t have any dog food in the house it is a good solution to cooked chicken for your chickenLabrador. Take care of the bones, don’t give him. Just clean meat:)

Another favorite human food for our furry babies is CHEESE. My chocolate Labrador is crazy about cheese. A good advice is to choose low-fat products as cottage cheese and don’t give him very much. Just snacks. Be sure that he is not lactose intolerant but not many dogs are. When you first give him, just have an eye on his reactions to be sure that everything is ok 🙂 Calcium is always good for they bones.


YOGURT is another source of calcium and proteins and I am sure that your Labrador will love it. Choose low-fat yogurt and with no artificial sweeteners or sugar. Yogurt is good for your dog digestive system because it has active bacteria and acts as probiotic.

A favorite treat of our furry friends is PEANUT BUTTER.It is a very good source of protein. Peanut butter also contains niacin, vitamins E, B and heart healthy fats. You have to be careful to not use sugar-free peanut butter or lite because these products contain artificial sweeteners as ’xylitol’ which is very toxic for dogs. So choose unsalted, raw peanut butter.

What about fish?.Not only cats love fish. Dogs are also crazy about it. So, SALMON is another tasty solution for a nice treatJ.We all know that vitamin ω3 salmon(omega) is important for our health, the same it is for them. If you want your dog to have a shiny and healthy fur and a strong immune system, salmon is the way. You can put salmon oil in his regular food or give him cooked salmon. Of course, it is not a bad thing is you put in his bowl some fish skin from your meal.

Now let’s go to fruits and vegetables. My Labrador is not a fan, actually,  he doesn’t eat them only if are coming from my plate, if he sees me eating them.

So, a good choice is to give them BABY CARROTS. They are high in fiber and beta-carotene, vitamin A. baby carrots are very good for your pup teeth and are low in calories, which is very important for Labradors. They tend to become easily overweight.

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PUMPKINS are also a good source of fiber and vitamin A, b-carotene. Pumpkins help the digestive system.

Vegetables as GREEN BEANS are a very healthy snack for your dog , are low in calories and high in fiber. Choose the green beans which are not cooked with salt.

Other raw vegetables you can give to your dog are CUCUMBER, ZUCCHINI, BELL PEPPERS, LETTUCE, and CELERY.

 Also, cooked vegetables good for your dog are broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus.

Talking about fruits we have some tasty choices for our friends. APPLES sliced in small pieces are rich in vitamin A, C, and fiber. They help to refresh your dog’s breath. You can give them with skin or not but take care to avoid the seeds because they contain cyanide.bananas

Most of the fruits are good for your dog, except raisins and grapes. Small slices of BANANAS are good choice and watermelon, blueberries.

OATMEAL is another rich source of fiber, in vitamins and minerals and is very healthy for senior dogs. Of course, we can find it in regular dog food.

Other human foods that we can share with our dogs are PASTA and RICE. My advice is to not give them very often to your dog. It is better if you prefer brown rice and the paste to be plain. You can mix with their food.

What about BREAD? If you want to give him small pieces of whole wheat bread it is not a bad idea.


MY ADVICElabrador chew


I know you can resist to those beautiful, sad, begging eyes but the human food you give to your dog should be just a treat, to not be more than 10% of his diet.

When you give him meat (chicken, turkey, beef) take care to be well cooked, to avoid fats and don’t give to your dog never old meat.

What if you want to give your dog a bone? Chicken and turkey are totally forbidden because they can be very sharp pieces and hurt his stomach. Even the big bones are not a good idea. You better stay to chew toys.

From my point of view…this is all I could tell you about human food that you can give to your furry baby, If there I something else you want to know, any other details, just write a comment, ask me. I know our Labradors are very greedy and they want everything you have on your plate but here, you have to teach him discipline to not ask 🙂 Give him what is good for him and in this way you will have a healthy Lab, companion for many years:) How to feed them and when you can see in my  posts in the feeding category.

Thanks for reading and give to your puppy a small treat from me 🙂


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  1. Al

    Hey – nice tips for healthy lab food.

    I really like the way you have shown what nutrients some of these foods contain and it was great to read about carrots being good for teeth – that had never occured to me before!

    I think that feeding a labrador (or any dog) off your plate is perhaps not a good idea as the dog will learn and come and drool on you while you are eating – is this your experience as well?

    Also, I have been told that salt – any salt at all – is really bad for dogs; is this true?



    1. cristina (Post author)

      salt it is bad for humans also but they are a lot smaller in body weight and the amount that is in our food is a lot yes it is not good to give the anything salty but don’t forget that even the bread has a little bit of salt. This is enough, Cheese has salt but just this to give, Don.t put any extra salt in his food. If you cook chicken ,rice, no salt and no condiments.

      About the feeding from your plate….yes they beg you until you give up and give them some :))) i try to not,:)My lab is not crying but he looks to my fork,my plate, following the food from plate to the mouth and dribbling:((

      His eyes are so sad…..Anyway i try to be strong or i have near some snacks for him 🙂

      Thanks for reading and have a nice day . Do you have a dog?


  2. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Cristina
    I never realized you could give so much of our food to dogs. I did know that meat should be cooked well and it is great you point out these snaxs should not be more than 10% We have 2 cats and are getting a dog in the future so I like to read advice on all things about dogs wherever I can so thanks for this information,
    Cheers Sharon

  3. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Cristina
    I never realized you could give so much of our food to dogs. I did know that meat should be cooked well and it is great you point out these snaxs should not be more than 10% We have 2 cats and are getting a dog in the future so I like to read advice on all things about dogs wherever I can so thanks for this information,
    Cheers Sharon

    1. cristina (Post author)

      hello, Sharon 🙂 I am glad that i helped and yes..what is good for us is good for them. To be honest, fats, salt and other things that are not good for them are also not good for us :)))) If you need other information, just ask.
      Thanks for reading:)
      Have a nice day and say hello to your cats:)

  4. Stephen

    Nice post! I like how you specify each food and which ones are good for our dogs to eat.

    I have one question: is it okay to give dogs raw meat? Surely historically that’s what they will have lived on so I’m wondering if it’s good to give it to them now? My German Pointers are very happy guzzling raw chicken but now I have doubts as to whether they should be or not!

    Thanks again for a useful post!

    1. cristina (Post author)

      NO. Raw chicken can have salmonela. So you should avoid it . You have to cook it very well.I know they all like raw meet but i can tell you is not the best thing. Thanks for reading my post and I am happy to help you with anything i can 🙂 Say hello to your german pointers:)and a big hug for therm.

      Nice to see there are animal lovers around and that take care about them:)



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