Labrador Retriever Health

First basic steps for our Labrador Retriever  healthpuppy health

This is one of the things that we all want for your furry friends. .Nothing is more important than the health. If we want to have a happy Labrador, the first thing is to have a healthy Labrador

Here I will talk about some basic things that we have to take care of. So, for the beginning, we have to take care of our loyal friend needs. Which are this needs I will just list here and step by step we will discuss them in the separate articles as the site develops:


  •          We have to feed them appropriately
  •          Provide them fresh water all the time
  •          Take them for long walks, exercise them
  •          Give them a comfortable place to rest, a nice, warm home:)
  •          Grooming our furry baby regularly
  •          Trim their nail
  •          Clean their sweet floppy ears
  •          Take care of their teeth health
  •          Take them regularly to the vet and provide them  health routine


These are the basic needs but our friend has also psychological needs in order to be healthy 🙂  If you have a dog, you want him healthy and happy is not enough just to provide him food and shelter. So we have to give them the right kind of attention. What do they need to be happy?lab love

  • Give them love, show affection. All dogs need it and Labradors are very affectionate dogs:)
  • Socialize your Labradors. Would you live without a social life? What you need to be happy is important also for them
  • Play with them and if you have children teach them how to play with the Labradors ( Labradors are a very playful breed)
  • Give your Retriever; not only as a puppy but also as mature dog plenty of toys. He loves them 🙂
  •  Teach them basic commands ( they like to learn things )

I will analyze in different articles each one of these needs and I will try to provide as much information as I can:)

Health issues

chocolate lab

There are a few health issues that you must be aware of but don’t panic are not life threatening. Of course, all Labrador parents try to do the best for their puppies. We don’t like to see them in pain.

I will just tell few of those problems you can be confronted with, having a Labrador and of course is not exclusive for this breed.

One of the health problems a Labrador can have is hip and elbow dysplasia .Dysplasia occurs when a hip or an elbow joint develops irregularly. It is not a life threatened problem but they are very active and their legs are fragile and long fact that make this a bigger problem. They suffer and fell uncomfortable not being able to run and have fun.

Labradors can suffer also with eye problems as they grow, cataract and retinal atrophy.

Because or their big floppy ears the water and moist can be trapped and they are sensitive to ear infections.

This bread is also at risk of knee problems such as bow shaped knee joints.

Heart disease and diabetes is something that must concern you and this is why is necessary a good exercise routine.

But one of the most common health problems that Labradors have is obesity because are one of the most greedy breeds. This only if they are not exercised enough.

Labradors are generally a healthy breed and you don’t have to worry just to take a good care of them:)

Some advice


Some health- problems can be inherited from parents to the small baby so a good idea is when we take home a Lab puppy we can make some genetic tests. This will help to reduce or even to eliminate the risk.

A good diet helps also to avoid these problems.

In a case of disease or accidents, we just have to help and to treat our Labrador as good as possible.

If you have any health problem or you see your dog mood changed, my advice is to not try to treat him yourself, The best idea is to take your furry friends direct to the vet.

So this was a small introduction and as the site develops I will try to talk about every health issue that I just mention here and give you some tips 🙂

If you have any question please just ask. I will try to give you the answer and help you.


Watch the video for more information on Labradors health

Thanks for reading

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  1. Derek

    Thanks for the information. I don’t have a Lab but my parents do. I am going to share this information with them because I really think they will benefit from it.

    I took a look around your website and there is lots of good information that all Lab owners can benefit from. Thanks

    1. admin (Post author)

      You are welcome and I am happy to help. If your parents have any question about how to take care of their Lab,fell free to ask me 🙂 Thanks for reading and stay close for more information:)


  2. Matt's Mom

    Even though I do not have a Labrador retriever, this was very interesting information. I can where some of it can be applied to other breeds, just not the specific health issues. Your site is awesome and full of great information on this breed. I watch dogs on a regular basis, including a friends Labrador, who does have constant ear infections. Are they doing something wrong for their pet to have them on a regular basis?

    1. admin (Post author)

      i am not a vet but maybe they don’t regularly clean his years. If the dog goes in the see, take a bath, water and humidity stays and like this he will have infection.Maybe your friend is taking very often the dog on the beach? :0 I don’t know where are you from ,if you have a sea or ocean there:)))

      Anyway…Labrador’s ears need a lot of attention, regularly cleaning:)Thanks for reading and tell your friend to take the dog to the vet for more details.

      Stay close and I will have more information 🙂


  3. Jackie

    My brother and his wife have always had Labs and you’re right, they are so affectionate, loving breed. Their last one (she passed last year) had the hip dysplasia you warned about. You mentioned a good diet is important, and now that I think about it, Also, I don’t think they exercised her enough. What is the average age Labs live?

    1. admin (Post author)

      the average life for Labradors is about 10-12 years old . if they are healthy the can leave 12+.I am sorry for your brother;s dog:(( really. How old she was when she passed away? they really need exercise so better think about this before taking a labrador 🙂 Thanks for reading and if you have any questions..just ask 🙂



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