How To Train Your Labrador Retriever



Learning how to train your Labrador Retriever sounds like a very difficult task but in reality, it is just a matter or patience and repetition.

Like every baby, our puppies are not born with the knowledge of right or wrong, or of what we want from them. So it is our responsibility to show them, to teach them.Training lab puppy

In this training part of my site, I will help you step by step. I will give you some training tricks and I will try to help you to teach your furry babies essential behavior rules.

We all want our puppies to be well mannered, respectful and obedient but also it is important to have a happy, friendly and lovable dog.

How does training help with our Labrador happiness? Well, it is simple. I will just give you a few examples from my personal experience.

Why is important the training?

If our dog is not responding to our call when it is off the leash, what do we do? We don’t let him free anymore? Of course, in this case, he will not be so happy.

If when we are eating, your puppy is crying and begging for food and we cannot give some to him because it is not good for dogs, what we do? We take our puppy out of the room so he will not enjoy family moments.

What happens when your dog is chasing other puppies and is aggressive? I think the answer is simple. You avoid taking him for a walk in places where there are dogs, where normally your friend could be happy, could play and socialize.

The important thing when you go for a walk is for both of you to enjoy it. We aLabrador playingll want to have a nice time when we go out with our furry playful friend.

So these are just a few examples why it is so important to train your dog.

Easy or difficult?

We don’t expect from our Labrador to learn to behave on his own. Labradors repeat anything rewarding for them. Labradors are intelligent dogs but not the most. Actually, the trait that makes them easy to train is their willingness to satisfy their owner, to make their owner happy. This is the most important thing.

They are happy to please us but there is a small problem :).The over enthusiasm and energy doesn’t help in training them. You can struggle to keep them focused for more than a few seconds and they are easily distracted.

One of the things difficult with Labradors is to calm them down. They mature very slowly and you can’t keep them still.

You will ask me if is difficult to train them? Everything depends on each dog character and of course of your character.

They are strong dogs and one of the challenges is to teach them to not pull when walking on the leash and to not jump on people.

But I will start step by step to show you some ways. Here you will find articles on how to house train your puppy and other important things that you want them to know.

Just for you yo know… this is what is see when there is food on the table:)Chocolate lab nose

Now is your turn

I also need your help with something :). I want you to tell me all behavior problems that your furry friends have and anything you would like to teach him. I will try to cover all aspects but maybe some of you find a difficulty in teaching them something.

So I am here to give you answers, to tell you some tricks and to help you.

Thanks for reading and here starts our labrador’s school 🙂


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