How To Introduce A Cat To A Dog

Choko and Patrick

Hello pet lovers,

I was asked this question by a few friends, readers of my site and I would like to give some tips How to introduce a cat to a dog. We have in our home for a few years a sweet, friendly Labrador. But, a dog is a dog. What happened if you decide to rescue a little kitty that you are very fond of and you want to take her home?

First of all, he the easiest way is if he kitty is just a baby, a very small one. Labradors have a good heart and they love all baby creatures.

Choko and Patrick

Choko and Patrick

Of course each kitty is different, and depends on a lot how old it is, how did grow up. If the kitty is just small under 8 weeks, is looking for his mother and will quickly look for attention from your Labrador.

If the cat is an adult and was not used to share her territory or her human is a little difficult because cats are very territorial. You have to take it slowly.

New Baby Cat Home.

First, you never let your baby cat alone with the dog. Labradors are very energetic and by mistake he can hurt he kitten. My chocolate boy, when I brought my kitten was barking, shouting. I didn’t know his intentions. he could hurt he cats because anyway he is not generally a cat fan outside 🙂

What I did, I kept the kitty in my hands and I let him to small it. That I put the kitty separate in another room, with his little box-bed. My Choko was all day at the door of his room in the beginning barking and that just sniffing. When was the right time, slowly I took the kitty out, and only in my presence first, I let them together. They got used very well. Now he really loves him. They sleep together, they eat together, they play, they even go for walk together.

Adopting and adult cat while you have a dog

Do you want to take home a cat after 8 -9 months old? Now you are not afraid only your Labrador to not hurt the cat, also cats can be very dangerous, they protect well their selves. So what we do in this situation?

Again for a while you keep the cat separate, in another room, you feed them separate for a while. It is a good idea to put their beds and food on the separate side of the same door. In this way they will both associate the smell of each other with the nice moment of eating, and they will get used. After a while you bring closer to the door ( separate sides) their bowls of food. Again is a process which depends on from animal to animal how long they need to get used to each other. You will do this for a while and slowly, in your presence only, you bring them together.

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action menAfter a few days, once they get used, you change between then the beds or just the blankets. In this way they will get used with the small. Also you can take a towel with the smell of one of them and put it under the food bowl of the other. One more little step for a nice friendship.

Again, after a while, you switch their room. It is not time to a meeting but is good for them to feel the smell of the other.

When you bring them together finally, don’t give them the chance to become aggressive. if one of them react in this way separate immediately, because is not good to create a habit of the aggressive behavior. You will not change this easy.

Finally Togethersleeping buddies

You bring them finally in the same room, together. Now what? have your dog with the leash and give him some treats to be good, have sit sit or down.Somebody else, from your family can bring the cat, in the opposite side of the room give her some treats also, but let the cat free. don’t keep her.then if she wants let her come to smell your dog, to check the area. Always be very careful and if one of them become aggressive, separate them.

Never let them together when you are not home, until you are not sure that they are friends. Your Labrador is a very well behaved dog and is easy to socialize

My opinion

My opinion is that the best idea is one of them to be a baby but if is not , you need patience and love. This is all. You will see that very soon they will be the best friends. I can assure you. Don’t be afraid, don’t think is not a good idea to rescue the little kitty because of your dog. Labradors have a very good heart and are very loving animals. They are friendly and they will love and protect your kitty .Your Labrador is a very well behaved dog and is easy to socialize so go for it 🙂

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