How To Train Your Dog To Sit And Stay – Part 1

Labrador sit



Ok, we go to the next step. Today I will talk to you about how to train your dog to sit and stay. Why is it important? Which are the easiest and the fastest ways to teach our Labrador puppy, or even an adult dog, to listen to your command? Everything you will find here, step by step.

How to start? What is the best way?Labrador sit


First of all, when can we start? The best age to start training your puppy is from about 8 weeks old.

The first step you have to do is to choose the best word to ask your pup what you want him to do, the ‘command’ word. Of course, depending on the language you are talking, you have to choose a short and direct word.

In this case, a good choice is the English ‘sit’. Many trainers use the German language because it is a military language, powerful. But…this is a personal choice again. Me, personally I teach my dog the Greek for ‘sit’ (katse) 🙂

Anyway…whatever your word is, you have to be careful of the people around you, your friends and family, not to use this word in the wrong way.

For example, if somebody in your circle uses to your dog the word ‘sit’ when they want to cuddle near them…it is wrong. Don’t let them use it or if is too late, choose another word.

Another idea that you can use is a whistle or a signal with your hand, or even both combined.

The training of your sweet pup should be enjoyable and have funny moments for both you and your dog.puppy sitting

You will find out that dogs sit naturally. You just have to show him that he does a good thing. Always give him a small treat when he listens to your ‘command’. He will look in your eyes to see if it is ok so…. A ‘bravo’ and a treat is what you have to do.

Food rewards are good when your pup does what you tell him and just to encourage him to also do the next time. It shouldn’t be used before as bribery.

The food you choose must be something that your dog likes very much. This is not a big problem with the Labrador because they would do anything for that reward. Also as the tasks are more difficult, you have to raise the value of the reward given.

Also, a signal is very helpful at the end of the task, a word, a hand signal or another sound. A good choice is a  word’ Bravo’ or ‘yes’ and you have to say it in a happy tone, for him to see that he did something good.

Next step – choose the right time and place. You will not start the training with your lab in a place where there are other dogs or people. When you start the training, he should be interested only in your treats, and you of course.

The best place is a small area in your house, which is very familiar for your dog and he will not be distracted.


Dogs Sitting

 Your dog should be on a leash near you and don’t forget the treats for your pocket.

Take a small treat and keep it between the thumb and the first two fingers. Keep it in front of his nose but for him not to be able to touch it.

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When you first ask him to sit, hold tight the leash and show him the position. Wait for him to sit and tell him to stay. Say the rewarding word, ’yes’, ’bravo’ when he does it.

Wait 10 seconds for him to stay in this position, give him the treat, say the rewarding word and let him free.

Give him the treat on the floor, far enough for him to move to go to take it. Your voice has to be calm and strong.

.Do this a few times, giving him 5 minutes break and then again 🙂

After a while, slowly increase the time that your dog has to stay.

The next thing you have to do is to take a step back when asking him to sit and stay, teaching him to obey from a distance. Later you will be able to do this from a big distance only with the sign or your hand, associated from the beginning with the command.

Why is so important for your puppy to learn sit and stay?


MY Labrador sitting

MY Labrador sitting

First of all,l with this, you show to your dog that you are the leader and he has to obey you.

With the Labradors, it is difficult to teach them good manners because they have a lot of energy, and usually they will sit and stay when they want something. Labradors don’t have patience at all.

What mistakes you have to avoid


I will just say here which mistakes you have to avoid and in the second part of this post, we will talk more in detail about them.

So, one usual mistake is the timing when you say your rewarding word ’bravo’ or ‘yes’.

Don’t bribe the dog and give him the most of 2 treats for one sit.

When you add time, take care how and when you do it. Your dog should be ready for the next step.

Don’t give the sit command at the wrong time and don’t distract him.

These are a few of the mistakes that people make when training the puppies so, you just have to be careful, patient and your dog willing to learn to please you and to take the tasty reward.

Don’t try these commands when it is play time 🙂

MY experience


My Choko sitting

Choko sitting – I am joking

My Chocolate Labrador learned very fast to sit, but my problem is that he is so full of energy and impatient, so if anything distracts him or if we try this command out , in nature … it is very difficult.

So as intelligent and willing to please you as the Labradors are, they are a curious dog, energetic, like small children and they are distracted by everything around them. My boy’s mind, outside is only to play, to run and to chase everything.

You will find more information in the second part of this post.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or you need more information, just leave me a comment 🙂


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  1. Sofia

    Thanks for sharing. My dogs get distracted also when there are lots of distractions around. However, when we limit the distractions, they do very well with sitting and staying.

    One of the things my friend taught me to burn that energy and calm dogs down, especially large dogs is to ride a bicycle and run them.

    I did try that with both of my dogs and it tired them out and they were not as energized for at least two days.


    1. cristina (Post author)

      yes you are right.they need exercise:) me if I would take my boy near the bike he would put me down:)))) ( with the leash I mean) .free i can’t …is not the best place to have him free:( I try to tire him letting him palying with other dogs on the beach….something like this:) Thanks for reading:)


  2. Blame

    I didn’t know that teaching your dog how to sit can be such a complicated process. You actually have to avoid letting your friends use the word sit until your dog is completely trained. I don’t own a dog myself, but I have a friend that owns several dogs. I think he has a labrador too. He loves them. I just wonder how he walks them everyday considering how much energy his dogs have. I am just wondering about one thing. How long does it usually take to train your dog to obey the sit command. It just feels like such a lengthy process.

    1. cristina (Post author)

      No is not a long process. he will learn very fast, actually naturally will sit for a treat. the rest is just repeating, and just way of life but in a few months, about 6 monts old he will lean very well if you act corectly:) thanks for reading 🙂 About walking,,,don’t tell me 🙂 i have a Labrador full power:))) the chocole one from the images:))

      Nice to meet you 🙂



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