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How do Labrador Retrievers look like?What are Labrador retriever characteristics?  I know you will all say very handsome, very sweet and each one see his Labrador the best-looking dog:)but here I want to talk to you about their characteristics.

How many colors are Labrador retrievers?

The pure breed Labradors are only 3 colours: yellow, black and chocolate. Sometimes we can see almost red colour or polar white but these are just variation from the yellow colour.yellow lab

Mixed colour in Labrador retrievers is not possible. And how you obtain a certain colour?

If you mate two yellow Labradors you will have only yellow labs, no chance for a black or brown. I will not go in the genes thing. I will try to make it simple.

Two brown chocolates will never do black puppies, only yellow and chocolate.

Two black labs can have yellow, chocolate and brown puppies.

Mating a yellow Labrador with a chocolate one we can have all puppies black, yellow and black pups, yellow, black and chocolate, yellow and chocolate puppies, black and chocolate all or puppies chocolate. These are the possibilities.

From mating black Labradors we can have all tree colors puppies.

Labrador puppies

The tree different colors are associated with different roles. When you choose a puppy, of course, you chose the color you like but  the yellow labs are usually, used as guide dogs for blind people and generally therapy dogs, black Labrador for hunting and chocolates for pet homes and show ring.

End some other details about their coat. Our furry friends in the past had to be protected from the cold water when they help the fisherman to find their fish so Labradors have a double coat, water resistant, straight and short.

choko my boy

choko my boy

What are their size and weight?

 Labradors are large sized dogs. The males dogs height should be from 56-61cm (22.5-24.5inces) and the females 53-58cm (21.5-23.5 inches). Of course, the height is important only for the show ringsJ we love our friends as they areJ) love doesn’t need perfection.

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The males Labrador weight should be 27-36kg (65-80 pounds) and females 25-32 kg (55-70 pounds)

What is their appearance?

Labrador retrievers are strong, sportive dogs, with a broad head and a wide muzzle. They have very friendly eyes that you can’t resist when are begging for food 🙂

The chest extends to the elbows and they have straight strong legs but not heavy. Their body is strong, sturdy but lab

Labradors years are floppy, sweet, pendant and we have to clean them softly, careful very often with a cotton ball and a veterinarian-approved cleanser.

Their tail is thick, covered with short hair .It is medium length.

With one word…beauties:)

So this is about how our furry babies look like .If you want to ask any question, you are welcome:) Leave a comment below:)

Of course, if you need more details…i am here for you 🙂

A:) and this is one of my chocolate boy’s baby 🙂









Thanks for reading .

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  1. Chris Towers

    What a great site 🙂

    I love all animals and this site already offers some great information.

    I had no idea about the colour coordination of Labradors and i have learned a great deal here.

    Some of the photos are really beautiful too. Is the puppy at the top of your page yours?

    Thanks for the great advice!


    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks for reading 🙂 and I am glad that i could provide you useful information:).

      Yes the poppy is my chocolate boy..Choko:) Do you have any animal?

  2. Norman

    You seem to know a lot about labador retriever, I have heard about these dogs from a small boy growing up, In fact I got the name right from your post, I use to pronounce the name as labra dog. I did not know this many things about them, the color the size and all that you spoke of in this article. Now I have learn a few stuff concerning labrador retriever.

    1. admin (Post author)

      thanks for reading 🙂 i am glad that you did enjoy my post 🙂 The ‘labra dogs’ are the best puppies 🙂 Stay close and you will learn more 🙂 Thanks again 🙂


  3. Hannah

    Excellent post. Labs are such beautiful dogs. I remember when I was a kid my friends who lived just around the corner from me had a gorgeous chocolate labrador just like the one in the photos. Such a lovely dog, so loyal and so fun to be around.

    Keep up the good work. Your site is looking great.

    1. admin (Post author)

      the one in the photos is my boy:)is a wonderful dog.thanks for reading my article and if you are a dog lover and you are interested…stay close 🙂



  4. Alejandra

    Hey I love your website.
    I was lucky to grow up in a home with labradors, we had the best labrador dogs anyone can have (I know every labrador owner will say that, and it’s true)
    We had the three colors, yellow, black and chocolate, can I pick a favorite, no, because each one of those dogs were amazing dogs, each one of them had their own personality and made our lives better.
    I could write you here a list of those dogs, my memory can remember those days when my family and me best friends were each one of them.
    Thanks for writing about labrador dogs.

    1. cristina (Post author)

      I think my chocolate is the best. hey, just joking:( I know all of them have sweet character and are the best friends and family members. because this is what i think about my boy. He is my son and my best friend:)

      Nice to hear from animal lovers and I am glad that you loved all your furry babies. 

      Thanks for reading my article and I am happy to see you soon. Do you have any dog now? tell me about him if you have.

      have a good day and nice to meet you.



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