Labrador Retriever Personality Traits

choko play time

Talking about Labrador retriever personality traits we can say …playful, friendly, food lover, energetic, they love to shed hair, always big babies (never grow up), intelligent, easy to train, best companions, tail wagging 🙂yellow lab

So…these, in a few words:) Now, I want to write this article for the lab parents to be and of course, for every dog lover. If you decide to take a lab puppy you have to know…What you expect:)

They are very lovable dogs, but let’s see why they are so popular. If look in their eyes you can see how gentle and kind they are. The Labrador retrievers are very friendly dogs and the best family dog. They are perfect for children and this is one on the reasons a lot of people choose them.sweet lab eyes

They are eager to please their owners and very happy when they have a job. That is why they are used as a military dog, therapy dog and many other roles. They are known for their competence in any task you give them.

They love hiking, running, swimming. So…you have to think that they need a lot of exercise:) to keep them happy.

How they become popular?

But… if we look back, they started to be popular as a gun dog and are still the best retrievers. Why? Because of their ability to learn easily and retrieve things. This is why the modern Labradors love playing especially fetches, for hours and hours:)choko on the beach

Also the fisherman used them to bring the lost fishes, as I said in my last post. Why were they chosen for this job? Because Labradors are very hard working, they love taking part in any family activities, and they are great swimmers. Labradors love water 🙂 their waterproof coat helps 🙂 Of course, their gentle mouth helps in this task because they can pick up very careful and delicate things and they will do it for you.

If you can say that a dog has humour…this is the Labrador. They also can be clumsy and bouncy.labrador playing

The personality traits are different from individual to individual. Also, comparing to the black and yellow labs, the chocolate are less easy to train, lower fetching abilities and a  lower rating for fear of noises.

They are more excitable and more agitated when being ignored.

Labradors are a very tolerant, patient dog and this is why they are so popular as family dogs.

So if you want a very friendly dog and companion in your walks and other jobs, sweet, lovable, willing to please you and to spend with you every minute… this is the best choice.

If you need a guard dog, you don’t have any chance. They are too friendly for this task .

Pros and consyellow lab puppy

It is a good idea to buy a Labrador If:

  • you want a very lovable and willing to be near you dog
  • an advantage is that they have a short coat, easy to groom
  • you want a cheerful, happy and always wiggling tail
  • If you are an athletic type of person, Labrador is  a very energetic and funny dog, happy if you take him for long walks, swimming, running, hiking
  • is a very sweet character, willing to please his owner every time, soft with the humans and with other animals

It is not really a good choice if:

  • you don/t have free time to provide him the exercise he needs
  • don’t want hair in your house (with a Labrador you will have a lot!)
  • when they are puppies they like to lick and to chew everything
  • Clumsy, they hit on walls and tables, slipping on wet floors, jumping on you and your friends.

But…the cons are nothing in front of the love and affection and companionship you will have from this dog. So…with patience when is a puppy , you will have the best friend with you for the next… around 12 years 🙂

Me I have one and I wouldn’t change him for anything 🙂 And yes, this is my Chocolate Puppy here on the right 🙂choko play time

Thanks for reading and comments are welcome or if you have any questions about your furry baby just ask 🙂






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  1. Jacob Schilling

    Hi Christina, I have to say that I was enthralled by your post here, I am a huge dog lover so these kinds of things touch my heart.

    While I have never had a Labrador retriever, I have had pretty much Golden Retrievers all my life, and I would say that based on your description of the Labrador, the Golden Retriever is very similar. They both can play fetch forever, both loved to be involved in activities, in some cases though, I would say that the Labrador is a stronger breed due to their abilities to adapt to so many situations to the point where they can even be trained to be rescue animals and police dogs.

    Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. admin (Post author)

      welcome 🙂 me thanks for reading:))) yes are very similar. I had a golden also before but I think you are right , Labradors are stronger 🙂 both of them are sweet and lovable:)) thanks again for reading and for your comment

  2. Jacob

    Hi Cristina,
    I always wanted a dog and I think a Labrador seems a good fit. I love to run so maybe if I would have one, I could bring it with me to exercise as well. The problem is the place I am living may not have enough space for a huge dog like this. I may want to adopt this sort of dog in the future and thanks for this information. Can they take any kind of dog food or do they have any preferences?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Look, Labradors are very good dogs in the house. Mine is playing and sleeping ,they don’t really need a big place:) don’t worry .If they need a special brand of food you mean? mmm depends of the dog, They eat normally what you give them but because they loose hair i try to give the best 🙂 Premium foods . I prefer Royal canine i saw difference in my boy’s fur. 🙂 shinny and healthy. Thanks for reading and if you take a puppy and you need any advice tell me .

  3. Christen

    I’m a huge animal lover – and dogs are probably my favorite! So full of personality.

    I’ve always had small dogs – mostly terriers – but have always loved labs because of their outgoing personalities. I see so many people that adopt these dogs because they are so friendly and loveable, but then do not provide them with enough exercise or stimulation. It always saddens me when I see a really fat lab – because I know he/she just wants to go run!

    Maybe one day I’ll have a lab – but right now my apartment living just isn’t the right space for one!

    Great post! Thanks for the all the info.

    1. admin (Post author)

      i have a labrador and I have to tell you that is not a problem the small house if you take him for nice walks.MY Choko is just sleeping in house, maybe playing with some ball but…I was leaving in a small apartment before . OK now I am in a house bit again, he doesn’t go in the garden alone. he wants his sofa:))) He wants him mum everywhere:))) Is really a good choice, The small dogs are more noisy and energetic in apartments :)))


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